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  • Why Does A Lack Of Polarity Cause Anxiety In Women And Irritation In Men?

  • How Can Communication, Behaviors, And Energy Be Shifted To Attract An Amazing Partner And / Or To Bring The Polarity Back In A Relationship?

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Meet The Founder...

Zak Roedde

Owner & Head coach at ROYD

From: Zak Roedde's laptop

Re: This is how ROYD came to be…

Dear reader...

Thank you for checking out our page.

My name is Zak Roedde.

I'm the founder and head coach in "Relationship of Your Dreams INC".

I first want to start by saying I work on my vision every single day, making a change in the world.

I share a beautiful connection with my beautiful wife, in our fantastic marriage.

And I have the most adorable daughter, whom I love with all my heart.

But believe it or not...

16 Years Ago I Was A Virgin Not By Choice

I always used to be the nerd type.

  • I was never invited to parties (or anywhere for that fact).

  • I didn't have a lot of friends and kept mostly to myself.

  • And just the thought of talking with a girl stressed me

    out of my mind.

At the time, all I ever wanted was to have a girlfriend who loved and cared about me...

But I couldn't even get a woman to kiss me...

Let alone talk with me.

My dating life (if you can even call it that) was empty, sad, and extremely lonely.

I was insecure about myself and had virtually no self esteem.

But then I discovered something called "Pickup Artistry" right after my 23rd birthday...

...And if I'm being fully honest?

This Was A Complete Lifesaver

I learned how to develop confidence.

I learned how to have an engaging conversation with women.

I learned how to communicate.

I learned how to date.

And I learned how to lead.

I learned how to create attraction and connection, and sustain it.

And because of all the new "skills" I learned, I spent the next decade having fun through superficial relationships and experiences with women.

For a while it was exciting and transformative... sprinkled with an ego boost here and there.

But eventually the lifestyle became increasingly boring and pointless.

I decided I wanted more, and needed more.

I needed a deep fulfilling permanent relationship.

So I began looking for a wife, and it wasn't long before I eventually found the woman I wanted to marry, and I did marry her.

But what I didn’t realize at the time...

Was The Fact I Had Picked My Perfect Wound-Mate

I picked someone who was hyper-independent financially and emotionally, because my masculine instinct of devotion was not online.

Pickup artistry had taught me almost everything I needed to know to become the man I needed to be...

But it didn't teach me anything about devotion.

And the instinct to devote to a woman is what allows a boy to grow up into a protective, competent, loving and caring man.

But my instinct?

It was covered in wounds that compelled me to be stingy and uninterested in taking care of a woman in all of the ways she needed (and deserved).

And because of this?

I unconsciously attracted someone who had her own wounds, which covered her deep need to be taken care of by a capable, loving man.

And our marriage was functional for the first few years.

We were both relatively mature and both of us had high self esteem.

And because of this we did maintain a reasonable degree of attraction and connection for each other.

And like any marriage or relationship, we did have occasional intermittent fights once in a while.

But that didn't change the fact we were "best friends".

And even though we were best friends...

I Still Wasn't The Devotional Centered Leader I Could Be For Her...

...And she was not the respectful vulnerable follower she could be for me.

But then everything changed the day our son Mikah was born...

He was born with a rare genetic condition and brain damage, and was a medical emergency from the moment he came into this world.

From that first moment, I finally experienced what devotion felt like:

An intense and urgent desire to take care of someone who was not me.

I had never experienced that with my wife.

I had never experienced that with anyone.But with my son?

I felt that urgent desire to make sure my son was happy, safe, and taken care of as much as possible.

And in all honesty?

It didn't even feel like a desire.

It Felt Like My Greatest Need

All I did those first few weeks of him being alive was protecting him from very bad medical decisions...

...As well as supporting my wife in every way I could to make her life easier.

Now my instinct to become and be the masculine protector and provider for my family has fully come out of hiding...

...And there was no going back now.

When we brought our baby boy home weeks later was when the problems started.

I now need my wife to communicate with respect for me as her leader...

...And I needed her to receive my leadership without resistance.

But at the same time...

My wife needed so much more from me.

She needed my competent leadership.

But she had no idea how to communicate what she needed in a way that was respectful and would inspire me to take care of her.

And because my wife didn’t know how to communicate her needs...

My need for respect didn’t get met.

And because I didn't have my need for respect met...

I felt a loss of inspiration to cherish her and meet her needs.

And because of my loss of inspiration...

She didn’t get cherished.

She had a lot more unmet needs.

And she communicated it in an increasingly disrespectfully way.

And So We Started Fighting

A lot.


Multiple times a day.

And this wasn't for a couple of days...

This was for weeks and even months.

But because of how much I loved her...

And how much our marriage meant to me...

I felt a need to find a solution to all of this ASAP.

This might sound very silly...

But I performed something of a miracle.

Let me explain:

Because of my time doing "pickup"...

I had a big understanding of how communication works, and how the energy of how we communicate affects another person.

That's when I started paying attention to how my wife responded when I communicated certain ways.

And I paid attention to how I felt when she communicated certain ways.

That's when I discovered a way of communicating when leading my wife that speaks directly to her need for direction, strength, love, and emotional safety.

And the more I used it?

The more she ended up trusting and respecting me, and willing to submit to my lead.

I called this Masculine Communication.

I also discovered a way of my wife communicating that speaks directly to my need for respect, gratitude, softness, and vulnerability.

The more I taught her to use it, the more I felt respect and inspiration to serve her and take care of her.

And I called this Feminine Communication.

And let me tell you something...

Applying this type of communication didn’t just repair and improve our marriage...

But It Also Gave Us A Vehicle To Heal Ourselves

My wife learned how to let go of all control and trust and follow my lead.

And I learned how to emotionally center myself and stay in a devotion frequency for my wife.

And as we were beginning to apply this communication into our marriage...

Our son died at six months old.

An inevitability from the start which we did everything to avoid.

His whole life was a painful tragedy for all of us.

But within that tragedy, was the greatest gift we could have received.

The greatest blessing.

Not just for us, but ultimately, for the world.

Our son’s birth had uncovered and activated our buried needs and instincts.

He forced us into a situation where we had to confront and heal our wounds that we had been operating from.

I know now that if I didn't figure out how to do that,

I Would Be Divorced Right Now.

He forced us to grow, because what used to attract me, was repelling me.

What used to not bother me too much, had become unbearable.

I had to figure out a way to make things better.

And the biggest motivator at the time was my love for my son during his short life.

I had to do it for him, because he needed his mom and dad on the same team so we could best meet his needs.

So I did.

Long after our son left us, the gift he gave us only became more valuable.

In less than two years, we went from arguing multiple times a day, to never arguing.

But no longer arguing was only one of many benefits of learning and applying Masculine and Feminine Communication.

I learned how to lead my wife to meet all of her needs so that she feels cherished all the time.

Whenever a need is unmet, she just Feminine Communication and I’m inspired to rectify that.

I feel fully respected all the time.

Whenever my wife accidentally communicates with a lack of respect, I use Masculine Communication to show her how she communicated disrespectfully and how to shift it.

But less than two years ago...

We Were Blessed With Another Child...

A Daughter.

Perfectly healthy in every way.

Everything was different this time around compared to when our son was born.

No fighting.

No unmet needs.

No real problems to speak of.

Just me leading to take care of my wife, and my wife following and expressing what she needs in a vulnerable, and inspiring way.

We, quite literally, created something I call the "Dream Relationship".

And because of this absolutely incredible achievement my wife and I accomplished...

...And because of what I learned...

It became my mission to help other men and women learn how to create their own dream relationship...

...Just like my wife and I did.

And if I'm speaking from the bottom of my heart...

I Believe My Son Came Into This World In The Way He Did Was To Set Me On This Mission...

...And he left this world only when he knew I wasn’t going to give up on it.

And that's what I did.

I started tipping my toes into this whole "coaching" sphere.

And I did coach some men and women.

And in doing so...

I had realized what I learned wasn't unique to my wife and I.

I discovered what fixed our marriage was universal principles...

...That apparently anyone could learn if they were coached properly.

And I proved this "theory" to myself by helping single men build devoted relationships with incredibly loving and feminine women...

...And helping single women build devoted relationships with incredibly capable and masculine men.

I further proved this to myself by helping women in relationships inspire their man to cherish and lead them...

...And helping men in relationships command their woman’s respect.

And honestly?

After speaking with a lot of them?

Many of these men and women have actually been coached on masculinity and feminity for years and even decades...

...Yet None Had Been Taught Anything Like What I Was Teaching Them

I had discovered something that no one else seemed to have figured out.

And sure -

The words "submission", and "leading", and "masculine", and "feminine" have been used to describe this type of dynamic long before I was born.

But in practice?

It seemed as if no one was actually teaching a specific and detailed communication method to get men and women from point "A" to "B".

Some coaches were teaching something like "Feminine Communication"...

...But it wasn't feminine at all and wouldn't inspire a man into devotion.

Some coaches were teaching something like "Masculine Feminimity"...

...But it wasn't masculine at all and energetically the man wasn't in charge.

What a mess this is I thought.

I Decided To Create A Group Called The

"Relationship of Your Dreams Academy".

A program where single and coupled men and women learn Masculine and Feminine Communication...

...And use it to build the relationship of your dreams.Ever since it was created in 2020...

...My group of coaches and I have helped hundreds of men and women build the relationship of their dreams.

We've transformed their love life.

We've helped them shape their love life how they always wanted it to be.

We've helped them get what their deepest needs were always looking for.

And we've helped them get through all of their fears and discomfort, as they move through their wounds.

I have also published several books on this topic...

Hold Masterclasses showing this type of communication in practice...

Created both paid and free crash-courses...

And have a free YouTube channel as well as a free FB group.

Every single day I work on my vision of creating as many healthy, devoted, and happy relationships as possible.

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